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CAT FENCE-IN™ Patented Cat Containment System
Keeps Your Cat Safe in Your Fenced Yard and Stray Cats Out!

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CAT FENCE-IN™ Patented System Keeps Your Cat
Safe in Your Fenced Yard and Stray Cats Out
The COMBINATION barrier keeps your cat in your yard and stray cats out.
TREE GUARDS keep cats out of trees and off utility poles.
The STRATO barrier keeps your cat in your yard.

Yes! Cat Fence-In Really Works!


Since 1990, throughout the United States and Canada, it is still keeping thousands of cats safe in their yards!

Cat sanctuaries use our system.
Animal behaviorists recommend Cat Fence-In to their clients. It relieves feline stress, arbitrary in-house urinating, boredom, and depression.
100% EFFECTIVE - The unique and sturdy design of Cat Fence-In protects cats from unfriendly dogs, misguided humans, cars, and diseases from wandering cats.
Why Cat Fence-In works. When a cat sees the netting between himself and where he is going to jump, he will not jump. When a cat climbs up a fence and comes in contact with the net barrier, he goes no farther.
Non-electric. Will not harm people or cats.
Humane black polypropylene netting with ultra violet ray inhibitors is flexible with no sharp or jagged edges. With a small 3/4 inch mesh, cats can't get tangled up in it.
Attaches to any fence. CAT FENCE-IN mounts just below the top and on the inside of your wood, masonry, wire or chain link fence. Only hand tools are required.
A real bargain compared to a hospital bill for an injured cat, not to mention the terrible trauma and heartache of loss or injury to your beloved pet.
Versatile, can be taken down and reinstalled if you move. It can also be used on an enclosed patio or balcony.
Neighbors are happy. Prevents your cat from becoming a nuisance to your neighbor.
Outdoor activities make healthy, happy cats. They love to chase butterflies, bugs, watch birds, or just bask in the sunshine and fresh air.
Convenient. Cats are by nature outdoor animals. Now they can go in and out their kitty door at will.
Looks good. The black polypropylene netting barrier is almost invisible and will not offend a neighbor's view.



CAT FANCY magazine's 1992 Editors' Choice Award for best of cat products selected by a board of cat experts and CAT FANCY contributors.

The 1995 FELIX AWARD for the Sunshine Solutions contest from readers of TIGER TRIBE magazine.

Cat lovers voted CAT FENCE-IN as their favorite cat product in CAT FANCY magazine's 1995 Hall of Fame.

CATNIP, a Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine magazine devoted to cats and cat products, gave Five Paws and Four Thumbs up for CAT FENCE-IN.

How Cats Go Over Fences

Cats can escape over any wood, chain link, wire or even a masonry fence regardless of height. Most can clear up to 5 times their own height in a standing jump. But when a cat goes over a tall wood or masonry fence, his hind claws dig into the fence in such rapid succession he appears to scale it in one leap. Watching closely, one can see he digs his hind claws into the fence at least once or twice before reaching the top. To reach the top of a tall chain link or wire fence, a cat will move in a slow climb. His climbing may become more rapid after he is accustomed to the fence.

Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back
CAT FENCE-IN  •  P.O. Box 795, Sparks, NV 89432  •  •  Call Toll-free 1-888-738-9099


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