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CAT FENCE-IN™ Patented Cat Containment System
Keeps Your Cat Safe in Your Fenced Yard and Stray Cats Out!

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The netting looks almost invisible and blends in with the surroundings.

Cat Fence-In Works

1. The overhead, flexible netting is awkward for a climbing cat, clinging to a fence, to maneuver a backward hanging or upside down climb. Also, he cannot get his paws through the small 3/4 inch mesh for a good hold.

2. The inside section of the COMBINATION barrier netting is angled 45º into the yard. A cat will not jump from the ground to a fence top if he sees the netting between him and his landing spot.

3. A stray cat will not jump from a fence top into a yard for the same reason. From a tall fence, a cat will jump straight down for the least impact. The netting's top edge is above his head and over two feet away.

4. The STRATO system's hanging netting forms an upside down pocket so a cat will not push the netting against the fence and work himself over the edge.

5. Cat Fence-In's design and placement on the fence prevents prolonged contact with a cat that might claw at or chew on the netting. The black polypropylene netting is strong (break load over 50 lbs. per sq. inch) yet lightweight and flexible. This netting along with the narrow steel brackets discourage stray cats from walking on the system.

6. We weave a wide attachment edge through one edge of the netting. This keeps the netting secured tight to the fence so cats can't get under the netting. It makes a sturdy no gap barrier. The customized brackets and rods are powder coated smoke gray to withstand the harshest elements. The netting has ultra violet ray inhibitors to stand up to the hottest sunlight. The system is designed to last indefinitely.

7. A cat accustomed to climbing over a fence, may try to get out once or twice. Failing this, he becomes accustomed to staying in the yard, considers it his territory, and becomes content with his safe domain.


Barrier Kits contain:

(1) One roll black polypropylene netting with UV inhibitors manufactured to our specifications. The netting attachment edge wraps easily around corners. Scissors are used to cut the netting only where it terminates against a gate or building.

(2) Gray powder coated steel brackets, one for every 8 ft. of netting. For example, the S-24 STRATO Barrier Kit has 4 brackets; the S-56 has 8; and the S-104 has 14 brackets.

(3) Adjustable vertical rods with attachment hardware for each bracket are included in COMBINATION kits.

(4) Custom hardware and special twist ties for attachment. If two or more kits are needed, they are easily joined to one another with twist tie connectors.

Barrier Kit

Keeps your cat in your yard and stray cats out. Works on any height fence from 3 ft. on up.

Brackets are mounted above netting and extend 16 inches into the yard. Adjustable vertical rods attach to the end of the brackets and angle upward 20 inches.

The COMBINATION barrier works on any tall or short fence. It adds 20 inches of height to an existing fence. When a cat jumps over a short fence he first jumps or climbs to the top. The COMBINATION barrier prevents the cat from jumping or climbing to the top of the fence because the netting is between the cat and his landing place.

C-24 Covers 24 ft. $94.00
C-56 Covers 56 ft. $160.00
C-104 Covers 104 ft. $265.00


Barrier Kit

Keeps your cat in your yard only. Works on any fence taller than 5 ft.

The STRATO barrier extends out 16 inches and the netting hangs down 20 inches. The hanging netting is secured to the fence every 8 ft. with twist tie to keep it stationary.

If you have high obstacles close to your fence such as planters, wood piles, air conditiong units, hot tubs, etc., use the COMBINATION barrier in that area. COMBINATION and STRATO barriers can be joined together.

A cat can jump 5 ft.. If you wish to keep stray cats out or your fence is 5 ft. or shorter, order the COMBINATION barrier which works on any height fence.

S-24 Covers 24 ft. $70.00
S-56 Covers 56 ft. $115.00
S-104 Covers 104 ft. $190.00

(See page 5)
One is needed for each gate. It closes the gap at the gate opening. If a cat sees any gap in our system, no matter how slight, he will try to get through it.

The gate kits contain three special offset brackets and hardware for any gate situation. When mounted ridged at the gate opening, one on the gate and one on the fence beside it and the gate is closed, the brackets come against one another leaving no gap.

An illustrated instruction booklet in each kit show the placement of brackets on all gate configurations.

Order one gate kit for a single walk gate.
For double gates that swing into your yard, order one gate kit.
For double gates that swing away from your yard, order two gate kits.

GATE KITS do not include netting. When measuring a fence for netting barrier kits, include gates in measurement (see order example on page 4).

C-2 For Combination Kit $40.00
S-1 For Strato Kit $26.00


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